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  1. Bipolar Disorder Looks at illness that causes extreme mood swings, ranging from mania (feeling overly energetic) to depression. Also called manic-depressive disorder. Covers treatment with counseling and medicines like mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressants.
  2. Bipolar Disorder: Preventing Manic Episodes
  3. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens Discusses symptoms of bipolardisorder in children and teens. Covers frequent and extreme mood swings ranging from being overly energetic to depression. Covers treatment with counseling and medicines.
  4. Bipolar Disorder in Children: School Issues
  5. Bipolar Disorder: Hypomanic Episodes
  6. Bipolar Disorder: Manic Episodes
  7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids for BipolarDisorder
  8. Bipolar Disorder in Children: Other Health Problems That May Occur
  9. Differences Between ADHD and BipolarDisorder in Children
  10. Bipolar Disorder: Helping Someone During a Manic Episode
  11. Bipolar Disorder in Children: Helping Your Child Prevent Manic Episodes
  12. Varenicline (Chantix) for Quitting Smoking Discusses varenicline (Chantix), medicine that helps people quit smoking. Explains that it blocks the effect of nicotine and helps with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Covers side effects and risks if you have depression or bipolardisorder.
  13. Depression Discusses causes and symptoms like sadness and feelings of helplessness. Covers related illnesses like bipolardisorder and SAD. Looks at treatment with medicines, counseling, and lifestyle choices. Discusses suicidal thoughts and when to call a doctor.
  14. Mental Health Problems and Stigma Covers how mental health problems can affect your relationships. Looks at the stigma of mental health problems. Offers ways to help others understand. Covers how to get help. Includes links to info on specific disorders like depression, OCD, or PTSD.
  15. Electrocautery for Genital Warts
  16. Seborrheic Keratosis: Electrocautery Treatment

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