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  1. Vision Loss Evaluation
  2. Evaluating Pain in a Child
  3. Evaluation and Treatment After a First Seizure
  4. Evaluating Low Back Pain
  5. Evaluating Your Child's Hearing
  6. Eye Exams for Adults
  7. Vision Tests
  8. Straight-Leg Test for Evaluating Low Back Pain
  9. Preventing Falls: Get an Eye Exam Learn how getting an eye exam may help you stay safe and independent.
  10. Environmental Illness: Evaluating Your Home or Workplace
  11. Child Who Is Overweight: Evaluating Nutrition and Activity Patterns
  12. Nerve Function Tests for Evaluating Low Back Problems
  13. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Signs That Your Child Needs to Be Evaluated
  14. Hearing Tests
  15. Sperm Penetration Tests
  16. Eye and Vision Tests for Children and Teens
  17. Semen Analysis Discusses test that evaluates sperm to see if there are fertility problems or if a vasectomy worked. Covers how the test is done and how to prepare. Discusses what results may mean. Lists factors like medicines or activities that may affect the test.
  18. Gallbladder Scan Discusses nuclear scanning test done to evaluate gallbladder function. Covers how to prepare for test and how it is done, including use of radioactive tracer substance. Includes info on risks and what test results may mean.
  19. Medical History and Physical Exam for Nearsightedness
  20. Mental Health Assessment Looks at assessments done to discover problems like depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, learning disabilities, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Covers what is done, including an interview, physical exam, lab tests, and written or verbal tests.
  21. Ophthalmoscopy
  22. Headaches: Should I Have Imaging Tests to Find Out What's Causing My Headaches? Guides you through the decision to have imaging tests to evaluate your headaches. Looks at the types of imaging tests used, including CT scan and MRI. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  23. Interactive Tool: Are You Depressed? Helps you assess whether you have depression. Tool calculates how many common symptoms you have. Based on your answers, shows where you fall on a depression scale. Helps you find out if you might need treatment. Offers link to extensive info on depression.
  24. Screening for Hearing Problems
  25. Dilated Eye Exam

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