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  1. Skin, Hair, and Nails Provides links to information about skin, hair, and nail health. Includes info about skin cancer, hair loss, nail infections, acne, and skin protection.
  2. Scalp Problems
  3. Tattoo Problems
  4. Eyelid Problems
  5. Body Piercing Problems
  6. Nail Problems and Injuries
  7. Facial Problems, Noninjury
  8. Groin Problems and Injuries Discusses groin problems and injuries. Looks at acute injuries, hernias, rashes, and other groin problems in children. Covers signs and symptoms. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Covers emergencies such as severe pain and signs of shock.
  9. Tattoos: Reporting Problems
  10. Artificial Nails: Problems and Treatment
  11. Living With More Than One Health Problem
  12. Crohn's Disease: Problems Outside the Digestive Tract
  13. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Discusses polycystic ovary syndrome, a problem in which a woman's hormones are out of balance. Discusses PCOS early symptoms like heavy bleeding or facial hair. Also covers more serious symptoms like miscarriages or infertility. Includes info on treatment.
  14. Heavy Sweating
  15. Blepharitis
  16. Pilonidal Disease Discusses infection caused by problems near the crease between the buttocks. Covers symptoms, which include cysts that might drain. Offers home treatment tips. Covers treatment with incision and drainage or removal.
  17. Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) Covers long-lasting skin problem which is also known as eczema or atopic eczema. Looks at symptoms like dry skin, itching, and a red, raised rash. Covers treatments including using moisturizing creams and medicines. Offers prevention tips.
  18. Acne Discusses acne, a skin problem. Lists symptoms, including pimples. Covers causes such as puberty, medicines, and conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome. Covers acne treatment for mild, moderate, and severe forms. Offers prevention tips.
  19. Body Piercing: Safe Jewelry Choices
  20. Changes in Your Nails
  21. Dry Skin and Itching Briefly describes the causes of dry skin. Covers home treatment options. Includes info to help you decide when to call a doctor. Offers prevention tips.
  22. Tattoo and Piercing Safety
  23. Age-Related Foot Changes
  24. Body Piercing Healing Times
  25. Treating Weak or Brittle Nails
  26. Allergic Reaction to Tattoo Dye
  27. Color Changes in Nails
  28. Rash, Age 12 and Older Lists common causes of skin rashes in those 12 and older. Covers allergies, chronic skin problems like eczema, or contact with poisonous plants like poison oak. Covers home treatment. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  29. Capsaicin Covers capsaicin found in some hot peppers. Looks at its use as dietary supplement to improve digestion and fight infection, topical skin products to relieve headaches and joint pain, and skin patch for postherpetic neuralgia. Covers safety, side effects.
  30. Stopping Facial Bleeding
  31. Diabetes and Wound Care Learn the signs of infection with diabetes so that small skin problems don't become serious.
  32. Skin Changes Discusses common skin changes and possible causes. Includes info on skin cancer. Includes home treatment tips for adults and children.
  33. Rash, Age 11 and Younger Discusses common skin rashes that affect those 11 and younger. Covers chickenpox, diaper rash, prickly heat, and contact dermatitis. Offers home treatment tips for fever and itching. Includes interactive tool to help you decide when to call a doctor.
  34. Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Feet
  35. Pregnancy: Hand Changes
  36. Facial Injuries
  37. Leg Injuries Helps you check symptoms of leg injuries caused during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, and work or projects around home. Includes bruises, swelling, sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Discusses treatment and prevention.
  38. Caregiving: Foot and Toenail Care

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