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  1. Hypoglycemia (LowBloodSugar) in People Without Diabetes Discusses hypoglycemia (lowbloodsugar) in people who don't have diabetes. Explains bloodsugar (glucose) in the body. Describes symptoms of mild, moderate, and severe hypoglycemia. Covers treatment for sudden episodes and emergency situations.
  2. Treating LowBloodSugar
  3. Symptoms of LowBloodSugar
  4. Diabetes: Dealing With LowBloodSugar
  5. Diabetes: Dealing With LowBloodSugar From Insulin
  6. Diabetes in Children: Treating LowBloodSugar
  7. Diabetes: Dealing With LowBloodSugar From Medicines
  8. Gestational Diabetes: Dealing With LowBloodSugar Discusses how to deal with lowbloodsugar (hypoglycemia) when you have gestational diabetes (diabetes that developed during pregnancy). Covers symptoms and complications of hypoglycemia. Offers tips on preventing and managing lowbloodsugar emergencies.
  9. Diabetes-Related High and LowBloodSugar Levels Discusses high and lowbloodsugar levels caused by diabetes. Suggests when to check bloodsugar levels. Covers symptoms. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Includes info on diabetes emergencies.
  10. Diabetes: High or LowBloodSugar in Young Children
  11. Oral Diabetes Medicines That Can Cause LowBloodSugar
  12. How to Give a Glucagon Shot Learn how to give a glucagon shot to a person who is having a low-blood-sugar emergency.
  13. Non-Diabetes Medicines That May Lower BloodSugar
  14. Quick-Sugar Foods
  15. Diabetes: How to Give Glucagon

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