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  1. Tuberculin Skin Test
  2. Allergy Tests Provides overview of tests used to find out what a person might be allergic to. Covers skin and blood tests. Explains why and how each test is done. Discusses risks. Explains results and offers points to consider before having tests.
  3. Tuberculosis Screening
  4. KOH Preparation
  5. Skin Biopsy Discusses why and how skin biopsies are done. Covers preparing for surgery and postsurgery risks. Explains how to interpret results, including abnormal results. Covers what affects test results.
  6. Physical Exam of the Skin for Skin Cancer Covers physical exam of the skin for skin cancer. Explains how and why it is done. Covers signs of melanoma such as a growth, an irritation or a sore that does not heal, or a change in a wart or a mole.
  7. Skin and Wound Cultures
  8. Skin Cancer Prevention: How to Check Your Skin Learn how to check your skin for possible signs of skin cancer.
  9. Lyme Disease Test Discusses antibody test used to detect Lyme disease. Covers two types of test (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot test). Covers why and how they are done. Includes info on what results mean.
  10. Fungal Culture for Athlete's Foot
  11. Fungal Culture for Fungal Nail Infections
  12. Estimating Body Fat Percentage
  13. Hair Analysis
  14. Medical History and Physical Exam for HIV Infection Covers the questions your doctor will ask when you are first diagnosed with HIV. Also includes what will be checked during physical exam, including temperature, weight, eyes, mouth, and skin.
  15. Ganglions Discusses ganglions, small cysts that look like bumps often on hands and wrists. Covers exams and tests used to diagnose ganglions. Covers nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Offers home treatment tips.
  16. Blood and Lymph System Has links on complete blood count, sedimentation rate tests, and anemia. Also includes links to lymph topics such as swollen glands/other lumps under the skin and lymphedema.
  17. Lyme Disease Discusses Lyme disease, an infection spread by ticks. Includes info on deer ticks. Covers symptoms and Lyme disease tests. Covers treatment with antibiotics. Includes info on complications from not treating Lyme disease. Offers prevention tips.
  18. Visual Exam for Lice
  19. Breast Cancer: What Should I Do if I'm at High Risk? Guides you through testing and treatment choices if you're at high risk for breast cancer. Covers extra checkups, medicines, and surgery. Lists reasons for and against for each option. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  20. Physical Exam for Genital Warts (Human Papillomavirus) for Men Explains how it is done. Covers why it is done, such as visible genital warts, having a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and having sex partner with genital warts. Includes possible results of the exam.
  21. Diabetes: Daily Foot Care Learn why checking your feet is important and how to do it.

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