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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center of WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of resources and programs to help guide you on your journey to healthy living.

Healthy Living Programs & Classes

A Healthy You is a program for adults who want to lose weight, eat healthy and be active. Participants will learn ideas to increase daily physical activity, choose healthy foods, lose and maintain weight, set goals and overcome barriers. Classes are taught by a health educator and registered dietitian.

Nutrition Counseling appointments are available with a registered dietitian to help you establish a realistic approach to proper nutrition. Discussion topics may include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, renal disease, or a variety of other nutritional concerns.

Fit Futures takes a lifestyle approach to the issue of physical inactivity and the nutritional concerns of children and adolescents. The child and family member(s) work with a registered dietitian and health educator. The program is conducted over four sessions and emphasizes the importance of more daily physical activity, proper food choices, portion
control and goal setting.

Grocery Store Tours with a registered dietitian will provide valuable insight into how to read food labels, comparison shop to save money, and make healthier food choices. In addition, participants’ concerns and questions will be addressed and take-home materials will be provided.

I Can! Challenge is a 10-week program for individuals with a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or obesity who are ready to take the next step in improving their health. The class gives individuals the tools and support they need to set goals, eat healthy,
manage stress and get fit! Each week focuses on a different topic and includes presentations, interactive activities and discussions.

Body Composition Testing & Exercise Counseling – A health educator will perform a skin-fold test to determine body composition and will explain the test results. Counseling is also available for those wishing to initiate an exercise program or discuss their current program.

Outpatient Diabetes Education

Taking Charge of Your Diabetes is a 10-hour program recognized by the American Diabetes Association. It explains the essential information necessary to be in control of type 2 diabetes. The program includes the following:

  • One private session with a registered nurse and registered dietitian to identify and address your specific goals
  • Five two-hour interactive group sessions including presentations, demonstrations and discussion with a registered nurse and registered dietitian
  • Follow-up at three and six months to reinforce your diabetes care plan
  • An opportunity to meet people who share many of your concerns about diabetes
  • Self-management coaching and empowerment for successful healthy outcomes

Taking Charge of Your Diabetes Review Class is available for those individuals who have already completed the 10-hour diabetes class. Meal planning, carb counting, recipe modification, treatment options, dealing with unexpected situations and goal setting are all topics to refresh and remind participants of the skills needed to control diabetes.

Diabetes Intensive Management Class is a 10-hour program designed for individuals with type 1 diabetes and individuals with type 2 diabetes taking multiple insulin doses. The class focuses on learning advanced carb counting skills, insulin management, insulin pump management and more. The program is provided by a registered nurse and registered dietitian.

Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes Prevention Program is a four-hour program that focuses on healthy eating, portion control, physical activity and other lifestyle behaviors. This program will help individuals who are at risk of developing diabetes or those individuals who are considered to have pre-diabetes. The program is taught by a registered nurse and registered dietitian.

Gestational Diabetes Program includes individualized consultations for expectant mothers with gestational diabetes. Appointments are held with a registered nurse and registered dietitian to provide essential information for a healthy pregnancy, including:

  • What is gestational diabetes?
  • What to expect during the pregnancy
  • Healthy eating and being active
  • Measurement of blood glucose
  • Prevention of diabetes post-delivery

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is an excellent tool to use with patients who have diabetes and unstable blood sugar control. The CGM constantly monitors blood sugar levels over a three-day period, providing downloadable reports with important information on blood sugar patterns. These reports are provided to the ordering physician to assist in clinical decisions concerning diabetes management. The CGM can also be used in the management of gestational diabetes.

Diabetes Support Groups are held on a regular basis for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The support group topics are provided throughout the year with various health professionals presenting. 

Private Consultations are available for persons with diabetes and their families. A registered nurse or registered dietitian will discuss appropriate diabetes self-management. Topics that may be discussed include nutrition consults, glucometer training and insulin instruction.

Living Tobacco-free Options

Tobacco-free Wellness is a seven-week program based on group support. It focuses on behavior change, coping with urges, relapse prevention, stress management, healthy living and developing a quit plan. The program is appropriate for individuals who smoke cigarettes, pipes, and cigars or use smokeless tobacco products.

Individual Counseling is available to assist individuals one-on-one with developing a tobacco quit plan.

On-site Cessation Classes are available for local employers. Assistance with tobacco policy development is also available. Many participants combine their tobacco cessation program with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or a cessation medication. Please discuss these options with your health care provider.

Safety Training

CPR and First Aid courses are available to help teach you or a family member the skills needed to successfully handle medical emergencies. Courses include:

  • Heartsaver AED CPR
  • Heartsaver First Aid
  • Heartsaver Pediatric
  • First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
  • Skills Testing

These courses are available for your business or organization (groups of seven or more). Please call to schedule; an online course option is also available. The online option requires a skills test session with an instructor.

Safe Sitter is a babysitting training program for students 11-14 years of age. The program teaches the following skills:

  • Infant & child CPR
  • Injury prevention/injury management
  • Behavior management
  • Safety for the sitter
  • Child care essentials
  • Babysitting as a business

The Wellness Center at ECH

Programs for Seniors

It’s important to stay active throughout our lives. We are pleased to offer programs that keep seniors on the path to lifelong wellness. 

The Early Bird Walkers Club is a group of individuals 55 years of age or older who meet each Monday morning for a one- to two-mile, non-competitive walk at various sites throughout the county. On the second Monday of the month, a breakfast is held in the WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital cafeteria, followed by a health-related presentation.

Healthy Moves is a safe and effective gentle exercise program developed for seniors. The exercises practiced in this class are simple but contribute to successful movement, balance, strength, flexibility and functioning in everyday life. Participants use a fun variety of exercise equipment including mats, hoops, balls, dumbbells, ropes, wands and ribbons.

In the Community

Community Health – The Wellness Center actively engages in health-related countywide coalitions and other wellness committees. The staff coordinates with other hospital departments and community organizations to provide health education and outreach events.

Corporate Health – The Wellness Center offers services to local employers to enhance their employee wellness and safety initiatives. Services include biometric screenings, health-related presentations, classes and assistance with wellness policies.

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