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Patient Guide

Patient Guide

Charity Care

WellSpan Health is proud to be a non-profit, charitable organization that provides care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. If you do not have health insurance and worry that you may have trouble paying your medical bill, please let us help. 

WellSpan Health's Charity Care Program provides free or discounted medical care and services to patients who cannot afford to pay or whose insurance will not cover the cost of care. Our financial caseworkers will explain the eligibility requirements and help you complete the application. Additionally our caseworkers can assist you in obtaining government-sponsored health care, work with you to arrange a payment plan that you can manage, and explain other options for which you might be eligible, including:

  • Healthy Community Network: Helps individuals obtain discounted services at WellSpan Health, Memorial Hospital, Family First Health, and the York City Bureau of Health. Other community partners in the Healthy York Network include the York Spanish American Center and the Community Progress Council. Our financial caseworker can explain the eligibility requirements

  • WellSpan Charity Care Application Checklist

    You will need the following information to complete WellSpan's Charity Care Application:

    1. Household information
      • Names, dates of birth and social security numbers of family members

    2. Employment information
      • Employer name, address, phone number

    3. Income information
      • One month of pay stubs, social security, disability, unemployment or workmen's compensation income
      • Pension, investment and real estate income
      • Previous year's tax return
      • Copies of recent bank statements and other income information

    4. Information about personal financial assets
      • Checking and savings accounts
      • IRAs and/or 401Ks
      • CDs and money market accounts
      • Mutual funds, stocks or bonds
      • Property owned

    5. Liabilities
      • Outstanding medical bills
      • Medication/health care supplies cost

    6. Other information
      • Proof of Medicaid denial, if applicable
  • Am I Eligible for Financial Assistance?

    Eligibility for financial assistance is based upon U. S. Government Federal Poverty Guidelines, which are updated each year. You may be eligible for financial assistance if your maximum family income level does not exceed the Federal poverty guidelines and you do not have cash or savings which would be available to satisfy any bill balances. You may qualify for partial financial assistance, depending upon your income and the number of members in your family.

    WellSpan considers the following circumstances to determine an individual's ability to pay for health care services:

    • Patient/family income
    • Number of dependents
    • Other individual circumstances


    If a patient's annual income is at or below 200 percent of the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines, WellSpan will forgive all of its charges. (For example: A family of four with an annual income of $46,100 or less.)

    If a patient's annual income is greater than 200 percent of the guidelines, but less than 300 percent, WellSpan will forgive half (50 percent) of its charges.  (For example: A family of four with an annual income between $46,100 and $69,150.)

    For individuals who have no health insurance and do not qualify for WellSpan Charity Care, WellSpan offers discounts and works with individuals to make payment arrangements that are fair and reasonable.

  • How to Apply for Financial Assistance

    Step 1: Request an Application Form.

    Please call (717) 851-2102 or (800) 842-1783 for an application. You can also download the forms here:

    Step 2: Complete and return the form in the provided envelope.

    Step 3: WellSpan will review the application.

    We will review your application and determine eligibility based upon guidelines outlined in the "Am I Eligible for Financial Assistance?" section above. A financial caseworker will review your application if there are special circumstances that affect your ability to pay,

    Step 4:  Decision and notification. 

    You will receive written notification of our decision soon after submitting your application. If you are deemed ineligible for assistance, we will provide the reason for denial.

    Be assured that all applications for financial assistance are kept confidential and that the information on each application is shared only with those responsible for determining eligibility for financial assistance.

    You may be eligible for ongoing assistance if you have ongoing medical needs. If this is the case, we will forward your application to the Healthy York Network for follow up.

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