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Patient Guide

Patient Guide

Guide to Your Billing Statement

There are two types of billing statements you might receive from WellSpan (examples below).

  1. WellSpan Health will bill on behalf of the hospital for room, lab services, imaging services, nursing services, and some specific physician charges.
  2. The WellSpan Medical Group will bill for professional charges which are the fees for the physician.

Information about specific fields found on your statement is below.

If you need assistance, please contact us:

  • Hospital Customer Service: (717) 851-2102 or (800) 842-1783
  • WellSpan Medical Group Customer Service:  (717) 851-6816 or (800) 839-1404

Information about specific fields on your WellSpan Billing Statement

Name of the patient that received services or the person financially responsible for the patient.
BILLING DATE Date the statement was issued.
ACCOUNT NO. This number identifies your account and invoice type. Below are some example account numbers that demonstrate how to determine your statement type.
3 0001234567 WellSpan Medical Group Billing Statement
123456789 WellSpan York or WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital Visit Statement
YBR123456 WellSpan York Hospital Budget Reminder Notice
YGR123456 WellSpan York Hospital Guarantor Reminder Notice
GBR123456 WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital Budget Reminder Notice
GGR123456 WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital Guarantor Reminder Notice
AMOUNT DUE Current balance due on this account.
PAYMENT DUE BY Payment due date.
DESCRIPTION Summary of services the patient received.
CHARGES Total charges without payments or adjustments.
PAYMENT/ADJUSTMENT Total insurance and personal payments, as well as adjustments applied to the account. Adjustments are credits applied to you account such as contractual discounts.
CARD NUMBER To pay by credit card, complete this section, date and sign your name.
MESSAGES If you have a payment arrangement, the agreed upon payment amount will be shown here. Important messages regarding your account such as payment options, or final notice information can be found here. Your new online Enrollment ID for the WellSpan Medical Group will be located here.
PLEASE PAY THIS AMOUNT This is the amount you pay. It is due 21 days after the statement date unless you have made payment arrangements with us. The minimum payment amount will be shown here. Otherwise, the balance in full is due.
POLICY # / ENROLLMENT ID # The enrollment identification number is an individualized, unique number assigned to enrolled patients. Your new online Enrollment ID for the WellSpan Hospital Billing will be located here.

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About the provider search

This search will provide you with WellSpan Medical Group and Northern Lancaster County (Ephrata) Medical Group primary care physicians and specialists. If we don’t have a WellSpan Medical Group physician to meet your criteria, the search will expand to include community physicians who partner with WellSpan Medical Group physicians through the WellSpan Provider Network or provide care to patients on the Medical Staffs of WellSpan’s Hospitals.