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Stroke Care

Stroke Care

The WellSpan Stroke Care Continuum

WellSpan offers comprehensive stroke care across the continuum, from the acute care setting and inpatient rehabilitation to home care and outpatient rehabilitation.  Our providers use a sophisticated electronic health record which facilitates timely access to patient health information and coordination of services across WellSpan’s vast system of services:

Emergency Providers

Emergency medical technicians are typically the first responders for stroke.  In transit, these teams communicate with WellSpan providers and the stroke team to coordinate care from the time the ambulance arrives on the scene until the ambulance arrives at the hospital. 

Acute Care Hospitals

Upon arrival at WellSpan York Hospital or WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital, our highly trained team of neurologists, emergency medicine physicians and nurses collaborate to assess the patient and determine if a stroke has occurred.  Once they make this determination they will use brain imaging technology, such as CT or MRI scans to determine the type of stroke. This helps to identify abnormalities in the brain and to determine if blood flow has been blocked (known as an ischemic stroke, accounting for 87 percent of cases) or a blood vessel has ruptured (a hemorrhagic stroke).  Based on the results of the scan and other factors, the neurologist may recommend one of the following treatments:

    • Intravenous tPA (clot busters)
    • Intra-arterial thrombolysis
    • Cerebral angioplasty and stenting
    • Clot retrieval
    • Coil embolization
    • Medical care and support
  • WellSpan York Hospital - A Primary Stroke Center07 Goldseal Copy

WellSpan York Hospital is recognized nationally as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission.  The facility is the only hospital in York and Adams counties with neurovascular intervention capabilities, making it the preferred regional referral center for stroke care.

  • WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital

While WellSpan's Stroke Team is based at WellSpan York Hospital, patients at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital have access to the same coordinated, high quality care via telestroke. The telestroke program utilizes electronic communication methods, such as telephone, Internet and video conferencing, to exchange medical information from one geographic site to another.  Many interventions can be done locally with the emergency department physicians and neurologists communicating via telestroke. When interventional procedures are necessary, the patient is transferred to WellSpan York Hospital. 

Post-acute Care

Many stroke patients may require additional care following discharge from an acute care hospital.  WellSpan offers a variety of resources to help meet those needs.  

  • Inpatient Rehabiilitation Hospital

Stroke Patient ConsultThe WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital provides rehabilitative care to patients who have experienced injuries or disorders such as stroke, brain injury, amputation, hip fracture, spinal cord injury, general debility, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other neurologic conditions. The 48-bed rehabilitation unit provides all of the tools necessary to help patients regain function and return to an active lifestyle.  The hospital features a multidisciplinary team, including a full time physician and a full range of therapists, specializing in post-stroke rehabilitation. 

  • Home Care

WellSpan VNA Home Care’s specialized team of physical, occupational and speech therapists work with physicians to provide the services necessary to treat patients in the comfort of their own home. Home rehabilitation allows for great flexibility so that patients can tailor their program of rehabilitation and follow individual schedules.  Home treatment gives people the advantage of practicing skills and developing compensatory strategies in the context of their own living environment.

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation

WellSpan Rehabilitation offers 13 outpatient rehabilitation sites across York and Adams counties.  Our team has the expertise to help stroke survivors make continued cognitive and functional improvements after they are discharged from the hospital or an inpatient rehabilitation facility.  In our outpatient stroke program, patients receive individual therapy treatments as recommended by their physician. 

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of experts, including neurologists, emergency department physicians, interventional neurosurgeon, specially trained stroke care nurses and rehabilitative therapists use evidence-based protocols to provide streamlined stroke.


Our stroke team offers a variety of education opportunities for the community including stroke risk assessments, "Stroke 101 presentations and Brain Bingo. 

To schedule a presentation for your group or organization, please contact the WellSpan Speaker’s Bureau at (717) 851-2424 for more information.

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